Occasionally, a product might not reach you in the expected condition. A product might become defective within the warranty period. If this happens, please contact us at: [email protected].

Please include in the correspondence:
- the article number(s);
- your address;
- a clear description of your complaint;
- if possible, include a photograph of the broken item or, in the case of a missing item, a scan or photograph of the manual on which the missing or broken item(s) is clearly marked.

Without this information, we cannot process your complaint as quick as we would like.

We will endeavor to handle your complaint quickly and without too much red tape. However, this is not always possible, for example if we do not have the appropriate replacement in stock. Of course we will keep you informed as best we can. If we cannot satisfactorily resolve your complaint, you have the right to cancel the purchase.

If you have a complaint about an item, please contact us or feel free to drop by our booth at one of the many exhibitions we attend (see the Artitecshop event calendar for details).