You’ll find Artitec on a street in Amsterdam that is holy ground for classic airplane aficionados. This street was once home to the Fokker factory founded by aircraft manufacturer Anthony Fokker, who settled in the Netherlands after the First World War.

Since its inception in the 80s, Artitec has become a thriving company that specialises in building models for museums, architects and shipyards. For example, we made the diorama ‘Reede van Texel’ for the Maritime and Beachcombers Museum in Texel, which whisks visitors back to the year 1665. We also recreated the city of Alkmaar circa 1671 for the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar. The latter was done in the unusual (for dioramas) model railway scale of 1:87.

Since the 90s, the Artitec has applied its expertise to producing resin kits for model makers. These include a popular range of buildings and accessories for model railways, and historic ship models.

Our mission is to represent history as realistically as possible through model making.

Artitec has also made a name for itself in the world of model railroading with rolling stock. From the famous ‘Blue Angels’ multiple diesel units to steam locomotives of the former State Railways and Dutch Railways, Artitec has filled many domestic niches and has in recent years moved into the global railway market.

Relatively new additions to the range are Artitec’s smaller scale military models for collectors and modellers. For our military models, we go a step further than the competition. Each model is built by hand and hand-painted.

Artitec will continue to focus on the mission it has had since its earliest days. Whether it is a collector's item for display or a diorama or model railway, our aim is to help you to narrate history’s story.